Carport Fabrication

We are not just another “carport company”. We take pride in knowing our products are the best in workmanship, quality and price. Carports can be fabricated out of high-grade galvanized steel or marine grade aluminum for ultra-durability. Deciding a fabric right for your carport is easy as you can use any of the ones we offer under our Fabric section. Either welded onto plates that are drilled into the concrete or cemented into holes dug by us our carports are built to FBC code compliance and Wind Load calculations.


Single Car - 10’-0” W X 20’-0” L X 11-0”H

Double Car - 20’-0” W X 20’-0” L X 11’-0”H

Additional Cars - Custom size. Made to Order.

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Retractable Curtain
The concept of the a carport awning

Styles of Carport

Styles of Carport: Arched Carport, Hip Roof Carport, Gable Carport, Wave Carport, Custom.

Finish Color

Electrostatic Paint Finish colors include: White, Eggshell, Sand, Walnut Brown, Black, Bronze, Dark Green, Ocean Blue, Light Blue, Terracotta, Aluminum, Burgundy. Powder Coating and Custom Colors available upon request of client.

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Aesthetically carport options

Commercial Carports

Commercial Multi-Car Carports are a great addition to your condominium, building, office, resort hotel or facility. Your clients will enjoy and appreciate having their vehicle protected and parked under the shade.

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